Monday, October 31, 2011

new niece!

I have a new niece! Sweet baby M was born on Saturday after only 15 minutes of pushing. My sister is a rockstar. Mommy, baby, Daddy and big sister are all doing great.

What an exciting day it was! I was called at 1:45am on Saturday to come over to Sister's house. The doctor called and told her so go back to bed and get some rest since she wasn't in "active labor". At 5:45am, Sister woke me up on the couch and they left for the hospital. At 12:30pm I got a text that Sister was going to start pushing and by 12:45pm Baby M was here. Her big sister Goldie Girl was really into Baby M since babies are her favorite right now.


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Congrats, Auntie HotPink! I hope to have a niece someday to go along with my nephew.


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