Tuesday, January 17, 2012

favorite new shop

Sunday afternoon while sitting around the kitchen table at my aunt and uncle's house the topic of this place came up. JM dry goods is a shop in Marfa,TX that sells my favorite soap. (Pictured below).

As well as, all kinds of great finds from Mexico. I'm so excited they have relocated in Austin, TX.

My mom being the fly by the seat of her pants kind of gal, said "let's go check it out." So we turned off the soup on the stove and drove over to the shop. I was able to pick up my soap. And we browsed the shop while visiting with the shop owner Michele. (I want to be her new best friend). She was so welcoming and sweet.

I can't wait to get a OAXACAN EMBROIDERED BLOUSE for the summer. And a OAXACAN WOVEN BRACELET. And these chairs (when I win the lotto).

I just love, love, love the shop. If you are in Austin, TX come check out JM dry goods.


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