Friday, February 10, 2012

somebody that I used to know

Maybe you have seen this video or heard the song lately (it is on my Valentine's CD this year). It has been running through my head this week because of something that happened last Friday. I ran into Bandit. I was at happy hour with a bunch of work friends at a place that I introduced to Bandit. (I know that it isn't MY place and he can go where ever he likes but I felt violated when he stepped into the bar.) I actually saw him before he stepped into the bar. It was a beautiful day in Austin, TX. It must have been about 75 degrees out. The bar is one of those indoor/outdoor kind of places that opens up all the "walls" when the weather is nice. So I saw him come around the corner and became sick. My dear friend E knew that something wasn't right when I said "OH fuck NO!" E said "Who is it? Bandit?"

He finally did come into the bar and headed for the back of the bar, far away from me. Thankfully I had stopped drinking. After I got my courage up I walked over and said hi. He looked to be on a date that wasn't going great. He wasn't really smiling until he locked eyes on me. He reached for me to hug and while we were hugging his "date" said "Hi I'm Summer!" I said "Hi Summer" and turned to Bandit who was saying "Hi Stranger. You look great." He told me a few times that I looked great which was so nice to hear since I was having one of those days when I just didn't think I looked my best. I left the bar shortly after that feeling ok about the whole encounter.

On Monday morning like clock work, I got a message from him telling me again how good I looked and how nice it was bumping into me.

While is feels really great that he thought I looked good and he was happy to see me. And I won't lie he looked amazing! Better than when we dated. (I wanted to jump his bones.) I have to keep reminding myself that he is just somebody that I used to know.


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