Friday, March 09, 2012

don't move here

It is that time of year again. SXSW in Austin, Texas.

When I was a young pup I use to get so excited about this time of year. I would even laminate my schedule (graphic design nerd). The weather is always beautiful. The residents of Austin shake off the winter and break out the flip flops and sundresses. SXSW in Austin is magical.

But the last few years I haven't been into it. Maybe I haven't been into it because downtown Austin has become so over run with skinny jean wearing dudes who don't use crosswalks. OR maybe it's the girls in sundresses and cowboy boot at WholeFoods who OOOO and AHHHH over the produce. OR maybe it the 13+ years of SXSW I have ready attended. I find other things to do. I have offered to help Sister with Goldie to occupy my time or shunned the whole event by not buying a wristband and only going to free stuff. This year the weather is terrible which makes it easy to go straight home after work and not be tempted by the hipster bands in town. Although, I'm sure I will do somethings. I already have plans to attend a party Monday night. And fingers crossed I get tickets to a show on Thursday night.

I know all the folks in town visiting will be mad that the weather isn't perfect. What they don't know is we need the rain so bad. There is still so much that will happen indoors and so many outdoor patios with coverings so you won't get wet. They will still have a great time getting drunk off free beer. And they will still want to move here when they board their flights home.

SO WELCOME SXSW folks! Spend all you money, have a great time, then go home and return next year. But please, don't move here.


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