Friday, July 20, 2012


Yesterday I was looking forward to Pilates all day. The night before I packed my gym bag and as I was doing so, I realized it had been a while since I bought new workout clothes. (see the post below). I basically have two black sports bras, two black tanks and two pair of black shorts that I wash at least once a week so they are clean to wear to my 3 classes a week. See how that math doesn't add up? Anyway, fast forward to yesterday, I'm in a meeting and I realize I need to step out so I can change into my Pilates work out wear. I got to my office and realized I had forgotten my stuff at home. F!!!! I needed to go to class since I know I will be too hung over on Saturday and I didn't want to skip two classes. (I'm having a belated birthday happy hour tonight. And well my friends like to get me washed.) So what did I do when I realized I had no work out clothes? I ran over to Lululemon and spend $170 on new clothes, of course. Do I have the money to spend on expensive work out gear? Hell NO! Did I do it anyway? Yes, yes I did.

I bought the famous Groove Crop pants. I say famous because everyone I have ever talked to about the pants, talks about how great they make your butt look. I have to admit, my butt does look like a super models ass when I wear these pants. Not only are they famous but magical too. I bought a No Limits tank too. At first I wasn't sold on the tank. I was afraid of the open bits in the back and showing too much back fluff. But after working out in it. WOW! It keeps you so cool. I love it.

Below are links to what I bought. I wish I looked like the models wearing these clothes. One day at a time, one day at a time.

magic pants

sexy tank


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